AAA Equipment Resources Inc
All of the equipment carried by AAA Equipment Resources has been fully tested and calibrated to NIST-traceable specifications for quality and durability before shipping.


Sometimes, FedEx, UPS, or USPS may damage an item during shipping, even if the outer box does not show visible signs of damage.


Sometimes, older test-equipment components can “go out” during shipping due to movement, jostling, or for other unknown reasons.


Because we know these things happen, AAA Equipment Resources, Inc. offers a 14-DAY TEST PERIOD, which allows you to verify that the equipment you purchased is operating within the manufacturer’s specifications after you take delivery.


We will gladly take the equipment back if there is a problem with the working specifications or working condition of any piece of equipment we sold.  AAA Equipment Resources’ techs will either repair the equipment at no additional cost to the buyer, or refund the purchase price in full.


We do not accept returns under the following circumstances:

·       You don’t like the color

·       You don’t know how the equipment works

·       The calibration seals are broken

·       The shipping company causes cosmetic damage to the outside of the equipment –OR–

·       You want to use the equipment for one job and then send it back


The buyer is responsible for the shipping costs for equipment returned to AAA Equipment Resources Inc.


We know things can happen.  If you are having a problem with the equipment you purchased, please contact us FIRST before returning.  One of our techs may be able to assist you in resolving the problem.  If that is not possible, we will gladly accept the returned equipment.


Return department phone:  505-235-5613 

 We value you as our customer and want to make your buying experience with AAA Equipment Resources as pleasant as possible.  Thank you for your cooperation!